Whether you're a company looking for an affordable alternative to Cisco Umbrella Enterprise's high cost, or looking for a solution with more features, better support & granular reporting, here's a breakdown of how ThreatSTOP and Cisco line up.

Features ThreatSTOP Cisco Umbrella Enterprise
Ability to Redirect Traffic Based on Domain or Threat Type ×
 Domain-Based Threat Protection
 Block & Allow Decision Made Locally ×
 Custom Allow List Creation Limited
 Integrate Custom & Proprietary Threat Feeds ×
IP-Based Protection (At No Extra Charge) ×
Built-In Extensive Reporting & Alerts (At No Extra Charge) ×
Ability to Automate Reporting Emails (At No Extra Charge) ×


Additional Key Factors:

  • Cisco Umbrella Enterprise requires all local DNS queries to be made to Cisco’s external DNS Servers. This is a concern for privacy & for potential service interruption.
  • ThreatSTOP protects customers using both domain & IP address threat intelligence that is fully customizable. 
  • ThreatSTOP customers have technical support (for free), granular reporting, threat intelligence integration, IP blocking & multiple options for handling DNS Traffic. Ex: Redirect to custom Walled Garden