DNS Inventor & Chief Scientist at ThreatSTOP


Paul Mockapetris is an early Internet pioneer and inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS). As the Chief Scientist at ThreatSTOP, he provides guidance to the ongoing product innovation process and leads research into DNS-based security. His mission is to guide and evolve DNS and IP addressing into its next phase. Mockapetris created DNS in the 1980's at USC’s Information Sciences Institute, and continued on to become the Director of ISI’s High Performance Computing and Communications Division.


Throughout his career, Mockapetris has contributed to the computing research community and evolution of the Internet. His earliest work at UC Irvine on distributed systems and LAN technology preceded the commercial Ethernet and Token Ring designs. At ISI, after working on the design and initial SMTP email protocol implementation as part of the birth of the Internet, he designed DNS and operated the original “root servers” for all Internet names. He was among the original inductees in the Internet Hall of Fame.


Paul has dual B.S. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from MIT, and a Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.


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