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Unhappy with your Infoblox transition to ActiveTrust?

You may have been notified by Infoblox that all customers subscribing to the "Legacy DNS Firewall" Threat Intelligence/RPZ Feed that they are migrating to ActiveTrust at the end of January.

Or you may have not been notified. 

If you noticed a recent change that may be because you were subscribing to a service powered by ThreatSTOP that has now been transitioned to ActiveTrust.

If you're unhappy, we'll welcome you back. 

The only change you would need to make is purchasing the RPZ feed subscription through ThreatSTOP, as opposed to Infoblox. 

The Choice Is Obvious & Here's Why:

  • No price increase for DNS Firewall Service vs. a likely increase for ActiveTrust's Advanced version.
  • ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall Service offers more granularity & flexibility with 50+ Security categories vs. ActiveTrust's 4 security categories.
  • Get DNS Firewall's advanced reporting & alerting at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited access to ThreatSTOP's research tools (Check IOC) vs. ActiveTrust's query limit of (Dossier): None at the Standard Version, 32k for the Plus Version or 65k for  the Advanced Version.