Here's the real deal...

Hi, we're ThreatSTOP.

That press release was meant to be tongue in cheek, and we’re poking a bit of fun at ourselves, the security industry, and the tech industry in general. If you ever want to immediately fill out your buzzword bingo card, just read that in a meeting.

The thing is, there’s actually some basis to the hyperbole here. ThreatSTOP has been using machine learning since inception, going back to when we were a free service that spun out of the Internet Storm Center to make using DShield on firewalls easy.

The kudzu-like growth of “threat intelligence" and companies providing it has made it really easy to get data, and most of it is actually pretty good. What hasn’t been easy is actually USING it, especially as intelligence, which you need before the battle, as opposed to evidence, which is used after the crime.

Why we use DNS.

We allow just about any network device to consume threat data. (Patented, for real) With a web service that enables the selection of what data to use, and a reporting system that correlates the resulting logs with the data to give you actionable reports, we cover the key activities needed to take action based on data, which is what turns data into Intelligence. Every device that connects to the Internet uses DNS, and will for the foreseeable future, so that makes us compatible with what you have now, and what you will have in the future. And yes, those logs are fed back into the system to reduce false positives and generate new Intelligence, so it really is AI.

Version 5.0.

We’re about to release our next major version of our service this week. It comes with a modern streamlined UI, easier to use reporting, and DNS based telemetry and configuration management for your devices. (patent pending, for real) We’re looking for beta testers and early adopters to give our shiny new look and feel a shakedown. Key customers have already been testing it for over 6 months and providing input to the development cycle, and now it’s time to show it to the world.

When the product goes GA, which we anticipate within 8 weeks, we will be raising our prices, but those who help us in the beta period will have access to our current pricing, for orders placed in Q2 2018, for subscriptions for up to 3 years. If you'd like to try us out, get up and running quickly with a free trial below. Happy April 1st! :)

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