Roaming Defense puts a DNS Firewall on each device, keeping traffic, incident data, and enforcement events from external exposure, w/o using third party DNS servers or VPN connection.


  • Rapidly detects and automatically blocks/redirects malicious DNS queries on off-premise devices.
  • Installs easily on Mac OSX and Windows laptops. 
  • Centralized portal to manage security policies.
  • Extension of ThreatSTOP's DNS Defense to roaming laptops. 

For a limited time, apply the purchase price of up to 32 licenses towards a network DNS Defense license. (Over a $1,000 value, based on pricing for 1 - 20 licenses)   *Pricing per seat lower at higher volumes 

Download our Roaming Defense datasheet, here.

Current ThreatSTOP IP and DNS Defense customers, please contact Eileen Donovan ( for special introductory Roaming Defense rates and promotions.